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We enjoy working with tourism boards, brands + more that share our passion for exposing families to the limitless travel possibilities sprinkled across our dynamic globe.


If you're hoping to attract families to your special destination, or helpful product, we would love to find a way to collaborate, and create authentic, fun, and effective content that exhibits what makes your offering worth checking out, and how families can make the most out of it.


Bailey, the mother hen of this outfit, has been a travel writer for over five years, and knows how to work with you to create engaging articles + captivating photos + entertaining videos to highlight your contribution to the wonderful world of family travel. 

Connect with us

One of our favorite aspects of traveling is meeting other globe hoppin' fams, and swapping wild tales + epic fails. We love the camaraderie this sharing and receiving of family travel inspiration fosters, and welcome any opportunity to connect with fellow adventuring families.

And, we want to forge this type of connection with you!


We'd love for you to reach out with questions, comments, or just a "Hey, what's up!" Maybe we can even meet up if our travels converge.

Lots of love from our wander-loving hearts to yours.


Contact Us

We're stoked to connect with you! Bailey has an unhealthy attachment to her Inbox, so you'll likely hear back from us quikcly.

We Love to Creatively Collaborate

A Note to Our Readers

We went back and forth about whether to accept press trips, and paid opportunities for a portion of our content. While the majority of our content is based on travels paid for by our measly teacher and writer salaries, we have decided to work with select brands, tourism boards, etc. that align with our mission of providing you quality family-travel support + entertainment :)


As a travel writer, Bailey has experience with press trips, and one of her biggest takeaways has been that these trips give her direct access to insiders in various regions. In turn, these insiders provided super helpful tips for readers that wouldn't be easy to come by without the "in." 

With that said, we promise to be upfront with you about our relationships with brands + more, ensuring maximum openness and authenticity in this exchange that we are incredibly grateful for! We value your presence here and have the #1 goal of creating insightful, fun family travel content that will hopefully inspire you to say yes to the endless adventures this curious world has to offer.

Lots of love and awkwardly long hugs,

Bailey + Eric + Hudson

Let's Create something cool together!

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