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How to Craft a Thrilling + Serene Vacation in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Updated: Oct 29, 2019

Tips for must-try activities in Cabo San Lucas that will provide the ideal balance of high-energy stimulation and blissful stretches of relaxation.

Pinterest photo for How to Craft a Thrilling + Serene Vacation in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Ever gone on vacation and felt the need for another vacation after you returned home? Or maybe, you went away and felt like all you did was lay by the pool, missing out on opportunities to make exciting new memories? If you answered yes to both, Cabo San Lucas has an answer for your wanderlusting heart, as this sprawling coastal area offers a wondrous alchemy of relaxing and adventurous activities, sure to send you home soaked in serenity, yet also electric with the memory of thrilling endeavors.

The recipe for this vacation magic is made up of Cabo’s desert climate, warm waters, posh yet playful accommodations and a platter of activities in water, sand, sky or spa. So if you’re looking for a destination that will strip your inhibitions, and give you a seaside, deep-tissue massage between bursts of adventure, get on the next plane to this land of milk and honey (and tequila.)

Accommodations Tip

White hotel by the Cortez Sea and the Arches in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Before you book accommodations, think on what type of ambiance you want your hotel to exude. If you want a high-energy experience, search for hotels near Cabo’s harbor and Land’s End, like Playa Grande Resort. Most of the nightlife takes place in this area and is within walking distance to an assortment of accommodations.

For a peaceful environment, consider a boutique hotel or resort further out of town, as these tend to focus more on a culture like surfing or spa-ing. Our favorite is the Cabo Surf Hotel & Spa.

Once you’ve settled on the ideal oasis-away-from-home, use the following activities as a starting point for crafting your thrilling + serene itinerary, as they’re sure to help you and your Cabo getaway develop wonderful chemistry.

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Note: We’re not affiliated with any of the following businesses, we’ve just had good experiences with them. However, we recommend reading current reviews before booking.

4x4 UTV near Margaritas Beach in Cabo San Lucas

Burst your comfort bubble right off the bat by saying yes to a UTV excursion that begins in the wild terrain of the desert, before rolling onto the pristine expanse of a white sand beach. Oh, and there's a pit stop to visit rare white lions. No big deal.

If you’ve never driven a UTV, no worries, the expert staff at Margaritas will make sure you’re prepped and padded before putting your foot to the peddle. In addition, they’ll guide the tour ensuring you don’t get lost, and have technical support should you need it.

This is a dusty, exhilarating journey that will leave you feeling much more deserving of that poolside margarita and scalp massage.

The Arches and Sea of Cortez in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico from a drone

Check off many Cabo-musts in one fell swoop with this comprehensive tour. Not only are the guides super entertaining and informative, but also allow you to enjoy this variety pack of experiences without having to barter for transport… or your safety. This tour picks you up from your hotel and takes you to a flea market full of local goodies not found in the airport gift shop. If needed, the guides can help you determine what’s a good deal, or if there’s a similar, nearby vendor offering a superior product.

After satiating your shopping bug you’ll be whisked off to a lavish tequila tasting that offers a fascinating education in this prime Mexican export. And yes, it facilitates that oh-so-giddy tequila buzz. (Hint: Prevent the tequila from turning into te-kill-ya by popping some hangover pills pre-tasting, and having three sips of water for every sip of tequila.) The tour culminates in a dreamy sunset catamaran dinner cruise to Cabo’s iconic Land’s End that is just as spectacular as they say. And don’t forget to tip your guide!

Solmar Sea Spa at Land's End in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Now that you’ve loaded up on yummy toxins during that tequila tasting, cleanse your whole being with a seaside spa treatment package at the Sea Spa that really is perched over the sand and sea, and within a stone’s throw from Land’s End. The treatments you can choose from are just as lovely as their names, which include the Embracing Life Experience, Diamond Life Infusion Facial, and Moon Light to Remember for Two, to name a few. This spa is in the acclaimed Solmar Spa Collection family, and is their golden child – but don’t tell the others.

Parasailing at sunset during a Cabo San Lucas vacation

Yup, you have to. Fear of heights or not, soaring above Pacific waters in the arid desert air is the way to absorb the full essence of Cabo. Happy Flights offers solo or tandem parasailing and launches and lands you straight from the boat.

If you feel nervous about safety, ask them to give you a run down of the precautions they take to keep you safe, and how the set up works. Then, as you’re lifted into the air, keep taking deep breaths and reminding yourself that this experience is expanding your courage and serving up an unforgettable memory.

Cabo Sails boat and pirate ship ship at Pelican Rock

When Bailey lived in the Caribbean, snorkeling was her meditation, as the stellar visibility, buoyancy of her body in the salty water, and vibrant sea life soothed her mind into a gentle state of reverie. The experience is no different at Pelican Rock, so massage your mind with a mellow snorkel in the natural aquarium surrounding Pelican Rock. If you visit this aquatic wonderland with a private Cabo Sails tour, they will provide masks, fins, snorkels and guides who can ensure the water is free of dangerous tides.

If you’re not keen on the excitement of diving through waves, the clean, calm and clear waters of Playa Chileno will provide an optimal destination for peaceful floats in the ocean. To take full advantage of this awe-inspiring patch of coast, bring along towels and an umbrella so you can savor naps between your tide pool explorations, and snorkel sessions with meditative sea creatures. Be sure to bring snorkel gear.

Tip: To avoid crowds, shoot for arriving early-ish in the morning, and heading out mid-day when the hungover crews start rolling in.

Whale Shark in water during trip with Cabo Adventures

After the tranquil ocean warm-ups offered in the last two activities, you’re ready for the big dog of adventure; a swim with the largest fish in the sea, that happen to be sharks. But wait! Come back! These sharks are known as “gentle giants” and are filter feeders, meaning they only eat plankton, krill and other non-human goods.

To ensure you actually get to see a whale shark, hop on a tour with a company like Cabo Adventures, as they know how to locate the whalesharks, and can instruct you as to the best way to swim with them. If you would like a private whaleshark swim, ask the concierge at your hotel if they can set up a private charter with a boat captain skilled in the fine art of whaleshark pinpointing.


Note: Whaleshark season runs from October to April.

So let’s go! Last one there buys the first round of Modelos and has to sit below the mariachi trumpet.


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