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Top 5 Reasons to Splurge on a Luxury Vacation

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

Why you should sometimes throw financial concerns to the wind and say yes to that luxury vacation.

Pinterest image for Top 5 Reasons to Splurge on a Luxury Vacation.

Splurging on a luxury vacation can come with some serious buyers remorse if the trip is a stretch for your bank account. However, there are certain circumstances that call for a guilt-free big spend on a getaway.

Tip: If you love the feel of crazy-high thread count sheets, room service and the other perks a luxury vacation provides, but feel nervous about the eventual bill, remember that a splurge-trip doesn’t have to be super long. You can even satiate your luxury cravings by having a one or two night staycation at a nearby resort and spa.

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1. It’s Your Honeymoon, or Babymoon

Couple kissing on a concrete bridge above a pool at a luxury resort during a splurge vacation.

We can’t think of a greater reason for treating yourself to a ritzy sojourn than not only celebrating your commitment of love, but also getting through the often-grueling process of planning a wedding. I mean seriously, someone should be gifting you a luxury vacation for all the hard work you put in. With that in mind... we think it’s an excellent idea to forego requests for toasters, blenders and crock-pots, in favor of using one of the many sites that allow wedding guests to gift you money towards various aspects of your honeymoon.

As your honeymoon will likely be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, feel free to just say no to the guilt that might try to pop up, instead allowing yourself to feel good about spending a little more than you normally would. (And you must get a couple’s massage.)

And then there's babymoons - the last chance to get away with your honey before your family expands and life transforms. You 100% deserve a pamper-filled (not Pampers-filled) vacation to both pre-celebrate this momentous milestone, and give yourself luxury kudos for growing a human - or supporting someone who is growing a human.

Reminder: Most women are not supposed to fly in their third trimester, so if you're planning on a babymoon that can't be reached by car, schedule the trip for your second trimester. And always check with your care provider before booking the trip.

2. You’re Celebrating a Big Birthday

Multi-colored fireworks above a port and European city during a luxury birthday vacation.

As birthdays are all about the celebration of life, it’s a prime opportunity to select that hotel you’d usually bypass for a cheaper one, book that spa package, buy the good champagne at dinner, and dive into the excursions you’ve never allowed yourself to spend the money on before. In addition to your own birthday, it can feel amazing to treat a partner, child or parent to an opulent adventure for their big day.

3. It Will Be Super Eco-Friendly

Woman in yellow sweater standing on a hand made out of wood that's stretched out above an eco-friendly resort during a luxury vacation.

It can cost money to be eco-friendly, which means restaurants, hotels and tour companies striving to run an eco-friendly business have to charge more for their services. So if you’re comparing two hotels, for example, and there’s a luxury hotel that’s LEED-Certified and another option that’s much more affordable, but hasn’t taken any steps to limit their eco-footprint, it could be good for your soul to select the more expensive, eco-friendly digs. And if your partner hassles you about the cost, just tell them you’re doing it for the baby sea turtles ;-)

4. It’s The Only Option in a Location You’ve Been Yearning to Explore

Snow-covered ski resort being used for a splurge trip.

There are some destinations that only offer luxury digs, or only offer luxury digs and hostels. If you’re not into hostels, you may have no other option than to pony up the money for that five-star hotel. And to ensure you’re not bemoaning the loss of your funds, schedule time to enjoy the amenities of your high-end haven.

5. You Appreciate the Finer Things, and Have Been Saving Up

Luxury hotel room in France with green walls, and a crystal chandelier above the bed.

There’s no shame in relishing the soft sheets, decadent ambiance, and other lovely amenities offered by fancy-pants travel, especially if you’ve been vigilantly saving up for the indulgence.

Travel Savings Tip: If you have trouble saving, we’re huge fans of making lists of priorities and budgeting. Once you figure out what non-free goods or activities are less important to you than your luxury travel, commit to abstaining from these good and activities, at least most of the time.

Want to keep track of how much you’re saving? Each time you feel the pull to spend money on one of those aforementioned money-takers, put the funds you would have used in an envelope, or safe.


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